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No, I'm not claiming to have made GitHub, rather, I use GitHub's features as a backup system. You can see everything I've made on my accounts:

The Portal

The Portal is a shallow clone of Facebook, tailored for D&D players. It's incomplete, but it already demonstrates my knowledge of ReactJS, NodeJS, MySQL and associated tools.

Internet Jukebox

This is a cooperative Jukebox page, where users can upload .mp3 files and listen to them together. If you don't like a song, you can delete it instead. This is currently in alpha.


A generic lua-backed C++ tiled map system. Formerly part of Tortuga. TurtleMap requires lua 5.3 or later and TurtleGUI (for graphics only).


A small graphical user interface library. TurtleGUI requires SDL2, SDL_image and SDL_ttf. Other than that, it should be a self contained package.

This Website!

This website was originally based off of the same tech as the Mecha: Immense Warfare website, which in turn was designed as a simple reference to be looked up on mobile. Make of that what you will.