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Cast World Errata

For Cast World v1.0.6. All changes will be incorporated into the core rules during the 1.1 update in March.

The official name is "Can't Anyone Save The World?" - Cast World is an acronym.

When fighting, DMG has a minimum value of 1.

Ignore the note in the Classes section; I forgot to remove it.

An elite class is simply a type of class; it has no meaning at the present time.

At some points, I use the word "Range" where I actually mean "Reach", such as in the Mana Rat's stat block. These two words are synonyms, but I still need to fix this.

Legal Issues

The copyright is 2018, not 2017. Oops!

"Dungeon Master" is the trademark of Wizards of the Coast. I was unaware of this, and will be expunging it from all of my products in the March update, replacing it with "Game Master".