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Monster Stalker

This short but beautiful game was made in a few days for a game-jam.

Can't Anyone Save The World?

Del was bleeding; a strange mix of blood and amber from his woodfolk body. His friends and comrades were scattered around the battlefield, each exhausted from the frantic battle, but still willing to stand and fight. Denera, the god king towered over him, but that didn't phase Del anymore - today, for the first time in centuries, the god before him seemed winded.

"You call yourself an immortal king, but what have you done for the people, you tyrant!?" Del spat, goading the prideful god before him. Angered further, Denera swung wide with his bloodforged axe.

"Can't Anyone Save The World?" is inspired by the gameplay of both classic and modern tabletop role playing games. This sword-and-sorcery RPG is designed to be quick to start with easy to learn and intuit rules, making it ideal for shorter campaigns. It comes with a new setting baked in (gods walk among mortals!), filled with unique races (human, woodfolk, oxkin and hollow) and scenarios.

To play, you'll need 3 six-sided dice (referred to as d6), paper, a pencil, and imagination. This game is designed for 3 to 7 players, and a game master (or GM for short).

To make a new character, roll for stats, then choose a race, class and elemental affinity. Now, you're ready to play! Roll high during combat, and roll low during ability challenges; don't forget the roleplaying, of course - that's the other half of the game!

The core rules also come bundled with several short adventures, which demonstrate the core rules, add some new content, and flesh out small parts of the world.


This is a lightweight print-and-play game where your party explores deeper and deeper into the titular dungeon known as the labyrinth. Choose one of four unique races: human, woodfolk, oxkin and hollow, face off against goblins, kobolds, giant eyeball monsters and other strange beasts, and cart your loot back to town! Recommended for 3-6 players, plus a dungeon master.

Mecha: Immense Warfare

Mecha: Immense Warfare is a trading card game where the goal is to move across the game board and deal five points of direct damage to your opponent. You do this using mecha cards, which represent giant combat machines, command cards which convey various effects on the game, stationary tower cards which maintain control over the wild mechas (if just barely), and finally pilot cards, which feature the human characters of the game, and convey their own boons to their mecha of choice.


(This project is currently on indefinite hold for personal reasons.)

Tortuga is a 2D MMORPG featuring permadeath, with an emphasis on multiplayer cooperation, exploration and customization. The game runs on customizable public and private servers.

This game is inspired by classic 2D RPGs (Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda), as well as more modern sandboxes and MMOs (Minecraft, EVE Online). This project is currently independently created and funded, with the goal of creating a game that will engage the players and inspire a large community.


(This project was only ever a prototype.)

This is a geolocation game. What is that, you ask? It get's you off your butt and out into the world! Track down quests on the map screen by searching your local neighbourhood, university or high security detention center for the red markers, and then complete the quests you've collected for rewards!