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7 July 2024

The Iron Throne, Part Ii

by Kayne Ruse (Ratstail91)

I figured from yesterday that I’d make an RTS where you’re wrangling some automata of some kind, and I’d have some kind of limited input interface…

That was until I started searching through tilesets this morning, and landed on this awesome looking set by Secret Hideout:

iron throne altar

It’s simple, with only a couple dozen elements, but it looks amazing. I also upgraded my version of godot to the current beta preview, so I could get the stacked-tiles effect.

I’m quite fond of how that looks - now the challenge is to find some nice tactic-style sprites. This is gonna be tricky - when I think “tactics”, I picture Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions which, let’s face it, is probably the best game in the genre.

I don’t exactly wanna rip off the pre-existing assets, so I’m likely going to be researching and experimenting all night. I’m not an artist, so… the results will not be spectacular, but I’ll be happy with “passable”.


…OK, that’s neat.



tags: gamedev - gamejam