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My current projects is: Can't Anyone Save The World?

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Can't Anyone Save The World?

AKA Cast World for short.

Can't Anyone Save The World? is inspired by both classic and modern tabletop RPGs. This sword-and-sorcery RPG is designed to be quick to start with easy to intuit rules, making it ideal for shorter campaigns. It comes with a new setting baked in, filled with unique races (human, woodfolk, oxkin and hollow) and scenarios. This is very much a labour of love, so please leave your feedback below!

To play, you'll need 3 six-sided dice (referred to as d6), paper, a pencil, and imagination. This game is designed for 3 to 7 players, and a game master (or GM for short).

To make a new character, roll for stats, then choose a race, class and elemental affinity. Now, you're ready to play! Roll high during combat, and roll low during ability challenges; don't forget the roleplaying, of course - that's the other half of the game!

The core rules also come bundled with a short adventure called Verona Village, which demonstrates the core rules, adds some new content, and fleshes out a small part of the world. New adventures will be released on DriveThruRPG every two weeks, so check back often!